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Brochure, Prices & Orders


Spring seedlings are available from mid-April until the end of May. They are stored frozen until required for planting. They will put on a season's growth in the summer after planting.


Summer seedlings are available from late June until early September.   Summer seedlings have set bud to maximize their survival in warm summer conditions. They are the same size as spring seedlings but they will not grow in the first summer. Instead, they will become established and will be ready to grow the following spring.



(payment by cash or cheque; no credit cards)


Minimum order 200 seedlings and at least 5 bundles per species.

Shipping choices: 


  • Pick-up by customer
  • Greyhound – shipped collect
  • Large order (5,000+) by truck – collect
  • Delivery available to: British Columbia(BC), Alberta(AB), Saskatchewan(SK), Manitoba(MB) and Ontario(ON)


 Please call for availability as some species may be sold out.



Click here to download our Brochure.


Click here to download our PriceList.


If you would like us to plant your seedlings, please call for planting rates.